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    Never Count On The Last Dice Roll
    Sunday, April 28, 2013
    I was watching my guilty pleasure on Investigation Discovery Channel about this girl that was raped by her uncle. When her parents found out, they decided to treat her to a trip to Disneyland. The father had to take care of the farm so the mum went with the two girls, met the wrong man, were raped and drowned.
    It hit me then that no matter the last hand life dealt you previously, you may still get yet another bad hand. Has nothing to do with the previous hand you were dealt. You may get cancer and then get raped and then robbed! What a life.
    I shake my head as I see I have to firmly focus on making my peace with God. He is the ultimate satisfier. The only One that can bring us any real peace. May we all continue to know Him more

    posted by lala @ 10:18 PM  
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