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    Bug Chasers and Life in General
    Friday, October 24, 2008
    So this blogging thing is not as easy as I thought it would be. I enjoy reading blogs but after reading them, then I am too tired to update my blog. Sometimes not enough is going on in my life or things I can't really share.

    One major thing has been my virus infected computer. It became so slow that surfing the net was no longer a pleasure and I certainly don't want to update my blog at work. Never know who and who is around. So I found this Hispanic guy to come and look at it and he fixed it up real nicely and I am very happy and satisfied with his work. So I'm back ... no more bugs, baby

    But its been quite interesting lately in my life .... its always interesting. I am engaged for one. Shocker!!!!!! Even I did not believe I would like anybody long enough to think about getting married to them. But honey and I have been going steady for a year now and I still like him, hmm I think I might keep him. Ha! Ha! Its funny how how you know that somebody is the one for you: when you have even the worst quarrels and you STILL know you are still going to talk to him the next day (or maybe the next week if he made me really mad .... just kidding!)

    Getting married in .... who knows? We hope by next xmas in Nigeria so that all our loved ones in Nigeria can come and our loved ones abroad can save their money to come. Lots of things going on in my life. More to come ...

    posted by lala @ 6:31 PM   3 comments
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