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    When the Cat is Away
    Tuesday, October 10, 2006
    I confess I'm not a very good blogger. I really thought I would have warmed up to it seriously considering I used to have an online diary (great reason, huh?) but anyway I just haven't. I'm not really in the mood to learn how to put up pictures and such from YouTube etc. I also don't want to get in trouble for my big mouth. I know! Its a free world but ehem ... live and let live abeg. I see a lot of blogging going on with fellow naijas and its really cool. I still haven't started on "A Squatter's Tale" but I will probably do so this weekend. I have been hard at work today, I have to say. I will keep it. Slow Coach ... as my auntie used to call me, its time to get moving!!!!!!
    Our director is out and the offices are empty as early as 3pm. Na wa! When the cat is away!!!!! Anyway, its good to relax and chill ... on company time. Abeg oh!!! I did not say that. Its been nice sha, I need to find some more stuff to do with my evenings than watching tv. I was thinking of joining a fellowship. I think I might order some Chick-A-Fil (sp?) for the techs when I go in Thurs Morning. That will make their day I suspect
    posted by lala @ 3:20 PM   0 comments
    Sweating it out
    Monday, October 09, 2006
    Haba! My day started so badly. It was hard for me to believe it was a Monday. 2 sick calls, the pharmacists bluntly refused to cover extra units (not that I blame them, they have enough on their plates already) so I quickly came down to work to cover the shift myself. In the end, it worked out ok. I hate being on-call sometimes. But anyway, its over. Yesterday was cool. I met the very head honcho of the Methodist Health System in my church. He was so laid back and after the service, he actually introduced himself and his wife to me. I was quite impressed but hmm, na so them dey do so I'm not tripping too hard.
    I have major issues in this residency. I need to put my butt to work. Procrastination is keeping me, in fact I am digging my own grave with it cos these people will leave me to hang myself. I need help abeg God.
    I'm about to re-read Ike Oguine's "A Squatter's Tale" Its so fun, its quite brief but it just reminds me a lot of my first few years in America, this land of sufferhead. I'm all into Naija books right now. I think I will read Iweala's 'Beast of no nation" next.
    Hope everyone had a nice weekend. Mine was cool. Stay blessed
    posted by lala @ 11:17 AM   1 comments
    72 Hour Hold
    Sunday, October 08, 2006
    I just read this book by Bebe Moore Campbell "72 hour hold" and gosh I'm so drained. Thats a good book (fiction) dealing with psychiatric illness and oh, how I remember. My friend Nancy who I took classes with in college just called me last month. She wanted me to call the CIA and tell them that Shaneka or somebody was bothering her. I promised her I would, asked her if she had been taking her meds and she said she had then I hung up. That conversation made me so sad, my girl was losing the battle. Imagine dealing with the fact that you have to take medications for mental illness. Thats so hard to deal with. And those anti-psychotics leaves the girl so lethargic, and drowsy she can hardly function. Wow. I worry about her but I can't force her to take her meds. Lets pray for everybody please. Some of the problems on the planet are so mindboggling. Stay blessed y'all.
    posted by lala @ 11:18 PM   1 comments
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