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    Christmas Love
    Monday, December 15, 2008
    I think Christmas is always fun times you know, you visit people, chill with friends and buy gifts ... sometimes. I really don't get into all the gift buying and my excuse is that we didn't really do that in Nigeria, haha But anyway, much love people. Life... not easy. Love .... sometimes overrated. Too many things going on people.

    You know sometimes when you take a moment to reflect on your life (and here I go being all mushy and sentimental again) you can't help but thank God. At least thats how it feels to me. Don't get me wrong, if I start listing things that not ok in my life, we will be here forever but it always feels like invariably, God has shown me mercy and for that I cannot stop thanking Him. Like the song goes "After all these starts and stops, we keep coming back" it seems that is the relationship we have with God, we move away so quickly, get caught up in so many other things but God can call you to attention with a quickness! All those things we take for granted about our lives like our family, jobs, health and other things.

    Lord I thank you. For all those other times I haven't thanked you, I thank you today. I pray you will always lead in my life. Amen and amen.

    Have you thanked Him today?

    posted by lala @ 6:26 PM   0 comments
    The Way I Am
    Monday, December 01, 2008
    So believe it or not, growing up, I couldn't wait to be an adult because I sincerely believed that being older automatically came with maturity and more sense. Yeah right! Now I'm older, I realize that age has little or nothing to do with maturity.

    Now I know that maturity comes with learning to toss the divalicious behaviors, holding your tongue with you are almost bursting with some well deserved insults and abuses for somebody, taking a deep breath before you toss that plate at somebody's head or a heavy handed slap.

    Now I know that maturity is learning, both from your own experiences as well as other people's experiences. Holding your head up high in the middle of negativity and carrying yourself with some dignity and class. So not easy but so worth it in the end.

    I talk about this because I remember cussing out one of my "friends" so badly that she never spoke to me anymore. I don't regret it because she deserved it and she admitted it herself. But I wonder if I should have handled the situation differently.

    One of my biggest problems in friendshipland is that I have a tendency to be too brutally honest in my opinions. Not always the best way but I really detest all these so called friendships that people laugh in each others face and stab each other behind their backs. It really scares me.

    Don't give me your friendship if all I am is fodder for your gossip with other people. Because unfortunately I have a tendency to tell all my business which I am learning is NOT the best way to operate cos the truth is, you really can never tell who your friend is until something happens.

    And that is the truth.
    Love, lala
    posted by lala @ 12:41 AM   0 comments
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    Name: lala
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    About Me: I'm an introvert. I love challenges and the "path less taken". I have discovered that life more of a journey than a destination so I try to enjoy each day. And if you've never failed at anything then you haven't tried anything outside your comfort zone. Right now, I have a love/hate relationship with Memphis. I love the city because the people are very friendly but careerwise, this place will be a dead end for me.
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